Dance show – Mr Maroon’s Party

Dance show – Mr Maroon’s Party


Description :

Last night, my wife and I went to a dance show called “Mr Maroon’s Party” at the Republic Polytechnic of Singapore located in Woodland.

A show in which the majority of the dancers are students. I insist to say that I was impressed because I thought they were professionals given their level and the hard work requested by choreographies.
There is really a lot of dancers. I think about 150.


Dance show - Mr Maroon's Party - group



The title of this show is : Mr Maroon’s Party, Let’s party till the end !

The action takes place in 13 sequences, with a murder investigation, full of twist, to find the real killer as the background story.

The main characters are : Mr. Maroon (killed), Brown Junior (his son), Ms. Ocean (his wife), Mr. Blue (his business partner), Ms. Scarlet (his mistress), Dr. White (his doctor) and then Mr. Grey (the detective).

The lighting effects are outstanding and put in values by using a very light scene’s fog.


Dance show - Mr Maroon's Party - light



The variety of choreography is matched only by the variety of costumes. Each scene has its own dynamic and its own atmosphere.
The characters have each a very distinct personality. For the detective they are all suspects.
It is almost magic! I felt transported at each sequence into a new unique universe.


Dance show - Mr Maroon's Party - disguised



The dancers are really good. Synchronizations are impressive considering the number of characters in some scenes.
The space is well covered, choreographies are graceful, and the steps of the investigation follow one another smoothly to its conclusion that offers, of course, an unexpected ending.
The narration is done by filmed sequences, and short transitions.


Dance show - Mr Maroon's Party - gracious



My conclusion :

What? They are not professionals? I had difficulty to believe it when my wife told it to me.
I loved their performance. “Mr Maroon’s Party” is a stunning visual and acoustic show. I hope they will perform again and that many spectators will come because they deserve it!
Congratulations to them.