Block 628 – Konomi Zen

Block 628 – Konomi Zen


Introduction :

In Singapore, street food is very well developed and organized.
There are food courts absolutely everywhere and I honestly think it is not possible to walk 500m without crossing at least one.
As an amateur of Japanese food, it may not be easy to find one. The majority of food proposed is Chinese, Thai, Vegetarian, based on soup, fish, Western… In fact the choice is huge, but finding a Japanese one is not easy.
However, not far from where I live, I found the Konomi Zen that makes bentos, donburi, or even udons and ramen, offering very good value for money.
Over time, I’ve tried several of their dishes. I must say that I have a preference for the salmon bento.


Location of the Konomi Zen :

To find it, go to block 628, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 in the Ang Mo Kio district. They are at the number 01-59.


Block 628 - Konomi Zen



More informations about the Konomi Zen :

On a paper, one can read that the dishes they serve are cooked the same day, which is reassuring because it is not a generality. Despite the fact the food is cooked at the order, the waiting time is not too important.
I think the quantity is quite generous and for this range of price, I am satisfied.
However, they offer only cooked food. So no sushi or sashimi here.
I also like the rice. And with the juice from the salmon, the seaweed and the extra sauce they provide, it becomes very good.


My conclusion about the Konomi Zen :

This is not a restaurant for tourists. The Konomi Zen is for the neighbourhood.
I recommend it for amateurs of simple Japanese food, take away or eat on site if you don’t mind the noise level in food courts.