Hiking – Biberon waterfall

Biberon waterfall


Introduction :

Beginning of November, the heat of the southern summer bringing clouds and rain do not worry me. Today, I went in the other side of the island up to “la Plaine de Palmistes” to see the “Cascade Biberon”.
This hike needs a small one-hour walk to be done.

This very pleasant walk is fully described on this wonderful site that lists all trails of the island (in French only).
=> The Biberon waterfall on Randopitons


Location of the Biberon waterfall :



Let’s go for the hike :

The departure is from the “Plaine des Palmistes”, proud town whose “Palmiplainois” have the motto “Work is my law”.
It takes its name from the many red palm trees growing in ancient times, but the local population consuming palm hearts (and that’s understandable it is delicious) have almost cut them all. It is now a protected species.


La plaine des Palmistes



After parking the car we take the direction of the Biberon waterfall. With a height of fall of 220m, it cuts the side of the mountain very distinctively.
Like all the waterfalls of the island, its flow varies widely depending on the season. From a little pee in winter (dry season), to a large waterfall in the summer (wet season).


Cascade Biberon vue du départ



This waterfall is named after the Waters and Forests Conservator at the time of the colonization of the High Plains, who was the owner of the place at this old time.


Cascade Biberon vue de près



The waterfall supplies a pond where it is quite enjoyable to eat, read, take a moment of rest.


Le bassin de la Cascade Biberon



My conclusion about the Biberon waterfall :

A lovely place! Typically the secondary place that tourists do not take the time to see because there is not much to see.
But it is a nice quiet area for a picnic and a little reading in the shade with the sound and sight of a waterfall.