Pu Zhong Temple

Pu Zhong Temple


Introduction :

The district of Toa Payoh is easy to visit as it contains a circular main road. So following this path I arrived in front of the lovely little Pu Zhong temple which I will be happy to talk to you about.


Location of the Pu Zhong Temple:



Located on Lorong 6, Pu Zhong Temple is not very big.
However, with temples, what often makes the notion of greatness is mostly in their history not in their size.


Singapour - Toa Payoh - Pu Zhong Temple face



History of the Pu Zhong Temple :

Its exact origin has been forgotten, but the first tangible mark began in the 1930s. At that time, it was only a place of worship located at 8 St. Nanking. On the front part of the second floor was an altar in honor of Sam Tiong Ong, known as Pu Zhong Dian. Most of its members came from Wua Dang, in the district of Xiamen, Fujian, China.
In 1960, a group of believers who had become businessmen, oversaw the construction of a temple to anticipate the rapid urban development in Singapore. They chose the district of ​​Toa Payoh. Unfortunately, an error in the structure of the foundation gave its ground floor too low, which made it floodable every rainy season.
So in 1990, a new temple was built in its current location.


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This Taoist temple is dedicated to one of the three generals of the Song Dynasty: Zhang Shi Jie. He was the leader of the resistance against the Mongolian invasion of 1279 led by Kublai Khan, the grand son of Genghis Khan. Zhang Shi Jie sacrificed all his men and ultimately drown in the sea, in order to slow the invasion and allow the brothers of the emperor to flee. It is said that his body was found in the village of Tong An, where he was since venerated.
The other two generals were Wen Tian Xiang and Lu Xiu Fu, also died in battle against the Mongolians.
This temple honors and celebrates the loyalty and sacrifice of Zhang Shi Jie.


Singapour - Toa Payoh - Pu Zhong Temple la cours



There is another temple in Singapore which is on the same theme. This is the Shui Xian Gong Temple located at Zion Rd, which is dedicated to Wen Tian Xiang.
A third, dedicated to Lu Xiu Fu, is located in Malacca, Malaysia.
Today, these three temples housing each of them one of the three generals, are considered to be the complete trinity.

Pu Zhong Temple has a special celebration on the 16th day of the 9th lunar month (9M16) in honor of Sam Tiong Ong.


Singapour - Toa Payoh - Pu Zhong Temple dragon



My conclusion about the Pu Zhong Temple :

This is a nice temple such as can be crossed in all districts, however, it has the distinction of being part of a trilogy of temples spread over Singapore and Malaysia.
In addition, it pays homage to a high general ranking in divinity for his acts of bravery and sacrifice. We could do an analogy between the Taoist temple and a Christian chapel dedicated to a saint. All cultures like to show the example of men and women who put the good of others before their own.