Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple

Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple


Introduction :

Among the unusual places, there is Toa Payoh neighborhood. Considered as a natural geomancy zone (favorable crossing of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, commonly called “Feng Shui” these days). It is described as the “Land of  Lotus Flower” in the city of the Lion.
For this reason, there are many temples and even a magnificent monastery which I will talk about soon.
Today, Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple is the main topic.

Its website is very well documented, but doesn’t look much up to date about the events.


Location of Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple :



Do not confuse this  temple with the one located in Johor Bahru with the same name. Although the two are part of Seu Teck Group, the one in Johor Bahru is a monastery.
Here, it is a Temple, also offering services in medicine and health care.
The portal giving on the main street is considerable and impossible to miss.


Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple - Entrée



History of Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple :

Its history is very recent and began in 1942 by its construction.
Simple house part of the Seu Teck Group, it gets the name of Seu Teck Temple Hup Choon Estate Branch in 1946.
As early as 1951, meetings are done to consider its reconstruction.
After many problems, the temple is almost completed in 1959, with the generous contribution of the group’s president, Mr Teo Soo Chuan, and his father.
From the mid 60s, the neighborhood is growing and the demand for medical care increases. In response, the temple opens in 1967 a new wing providing free medical care with a technological level equivalent to Western clinics.
In the following years, the temple is expanding, opening a hall of ancestors and a room dedicated to deposit ashes of the ancestors
It was in 1992 that major work is completed. The temple has changed little since.


Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple - Temple extérieur



My visit of Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple :

When we enter the temple, the one thing that jumps out is the gold color use. This is unfortunate because we would almost miss the magnificent dozens of paintings that adorn the walls.
Paintings, which besides being quite correct in drawing, have the surprising characteristic of being in 3D. They all are carved wood panels that are then painted. A remarkable job.


Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple - Temple intérieur



When you come out of the temple, just behind is the Hall of ancestors containing tablets, the “Xiu De Tang“. It is a large open room with an approximative height of two floors.
In the Asian tradition, you honor the memory of an ancestor by placing a tablet with his name in a holy place. Several times a year are held ceremonies by monks, so your ancestors rest in a perpetual blessing.


Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple - Ancestral Hall



Additionally , the temple‘s primary mission is to provide free care for anyone making the request. There are 8 doctors, all graduated in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as acupuncture for most of them.
You can meet them without appointment every day except Sundays and not working days.
In addition to walk-in check, cares are completely free whatever your ethnicity, your religion or nationality.
That is in the purest spirit of the natural generosity and open tolerant mind of Buddhism.
Now, the tour is over and we just go to the exit via peripheral gardens that we access through a very traditional round door before leaving.


Toa Payoh Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple - Jardins



My conclusion about Seu Teck Sean Tong Temple :

I enjoyed visiting this temple, which hardly takes more than 20 minutes if you take your time.
Is it worth a look? It’s a good question… Knowing that in the district of Toah Payoh there is a magnificent monastery to visit (which I have already mentioned at the beginning), this reduces the need to visit this place.
However, if you take a day to visit the neighborhood then do not hesitate to include it in your walk around.