Toa Payoh Town Park

Toa Payoh Town Park


Introduction :

Tired of turning in the tourist areas? Give yourself a moment of relaxation in one of the many town parks.
Because yes, let me tell you, before coming to Singapore I was afraid of the ultra modern megalopolis and stuffy side. It was my pleasant surprise to discover that all over the city there are gardens, parks, and around reservoirs there are even real primary equatorial forests (restored) in which you can walk.

Location of the Toa Payoh Town Park :



So in Toa Payoh, just at the exit of the MRT (red line), which is also the Bus Interchange, we arrive in front of this little park all pretty and all cute that I’ll make you discover.


Toa Payoh Town Park - Entrée



 My visit of the Toa Payoh Town Park :

Once past the entrance, the traffic noise, yet very close, is giving way to a refreshing quietness (for the ears, not the temperature …).
The path that walks around it is quite charming, dotted with flowers, bushes, and even if the weather was not amazing that day, the vegetation cover breaks a bit the heat.


Toa Payoh Town Park - Chemin



Before being a park, it was a garden, completed in 1973. It served, and still serves, ideal place for wedding photos.
There is also an observation tower which is unfortunately closed without reopening date planned. It is really unfortunate because it would offer a panoramic view over the trees.
In the first part of the park, there is a large grassy area at the end of which we see a large tent that people can use for events such as weddings, birthdays or other kind of meeting.


Toa Payoh Town Park - Chapiteau



On the other side, we walk around a small pond full of small islands (artificials). Above it the trees bend majestically. These islands are connected by round stone bridges, which gives the whole a real Zen garden effect.
It is very pleasant to wander or to stop on a wall and read in the shade of one of those big bent trees.


Toa Payoh Town Park - Etang



To complete the visit, so the tour of the park, we arrive on a nice little Chinese restaurant logically called “The Oasis”. In fact, this beautiful park with its pond, its reeds, its nice walk in the middle of the district of Toa Payoh let one inevitably think of an oasis.


Toa Payoh Town Park - Oasis



 My conclusion about the Toa Payoh Town Park :

To conclude, Toa Payoh is off the usual path of rushing tourists.
So if you are in a hurry and want to see the hot spots, go your way and visit the beautiful touristic places that all the guide books tell you about.
If you do not have much free time, prefer to see the Botanic Garden with its magnificent National Orchid Garden.
In fact, this Town Park is for those who have a lot of time and want to see the city by a different angle. Discovering the greenery corners hiding among the HDB flats.